How the 3 Ways to Create Business Growth Can Help You Close More Clients

Written by on April 22, 2018

Ready for a simple, killer sales tip?

When I meet with clients, I often WRITE out what you see in this graphic on a piece of notepad paper for them (I originally learned it from Jay Abraham):

Typically at the end of the discovery meeting or while presenting to them our proposed solutions. Just do it when it feels right.

I share it with them because most business owners never stop and consider what they fundamentally need to grow their business. This helps them crystallize it and positions you, again, positions you as a trusted advisor who has a better grasp on business growth than they do.

I then connect it to me and our agency – “Mr. Smith, we can’t raise your prices for you – that’s your expertise – but we help take care of #1 and #3 for you…that’s our expertise. We put a proven plan and systems in place to help you attract new customers and help you get them to frequent your business more often so you grow incrementally over the next 12 months. That’s our focus and commitment. Is that something that you can use in your business?”

IMPORTANT: I’ll then tear it out and hand it to them. I hold it up and make them take it from me (if you are meeting with them in person).

You don’t have to talk about “digital marketing” and lose them in tech talk. You don’t have to convince them about social media. They are already a little skeptical about it. So, no fancy digital talk that makes you feel smart but loses the customer in translation.

You have to talk THEIR language and understand they don’t have systems or a plan in place that is being executed on…and THAT IS WHERE YOU COME IN AS THEIR HERO.

THE LESSON: By putting business growth in this simple frame for them to understand – you can then connect it to what you DO so it’s clear to them and they feel you are a business person and advisor, not just another “social media or marketing” person. 


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