7 Powerful Ways to Add Value To Your Prospects and Clients

Written by on December 23, 2017

While there are probably over 100 ways to add value to your prospects and clients, I’ve outlined 7 of my favorite. As you go through the list, choose the ways you think will create the most value for your prospective or existing clients.

1. Send business their way.

Everyone is looking for new customers or clients for their business. If you can help someone increase their revenue and income, you’re contributing in an amazing way to their business growth and success. Think through who your prospect is targeting and send them a new client referral.

2. Promote their brand, content, and products/services.

We all have our own public, social platforms where we share information including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a blog, or newsletter. You can use any of these to publically promote someone and their business. Not only does it feel special to get recognized publically, but you’re also introducing that person to potential new fans, followers, friends, or customers/clients.

3. Send them a personalized card or a gift.

Want a quick way to stand out? Send someone mail with a handwritten note. Very few people ever send someone a handwritten note or a gift with a personal note. It shows someone how much you care, and that you took the time thinking about them. Even if it’s a “Happy New Year Card,” for example, it stands out especially if you write a handwritten note in it.

You can also send them gifts like:

  • A gift card to Starbucks with a note that says, “Coffee’s on me for the month!” Or week, if you don’t want to splurge.  I recommend going and buying a card at your local Starbucks, writing a handwritten note and sending it over to them via regular mail.
  • A gift basket – Think Edible Arrangements or Hickory Farms.
  • Gourmet chocolates and popcorn work well too.
  • Doughnuts. Hey, it works. Cory Barnes, one of my students in my Local Consulting Academy, has earned clients by first introducing them to another one of his client’s products: Doughnuts. He delivers them in person for added touch.

4. Offer skills or advice.

This is a powerful way to offer value, but it needs to come from the right place; a kind place of authenticly wanting to help and support their business. Give to give, not to receive. Perhaps you want to send them a website, SEO, or social media audit with recommendations that can genuinely help them. Depending on the person, you may also want to ask for permission. If you want to do an audit for a person you don’t know well yet or you’ve had little to no contact with, you might ask it this way: “Jim, I have some ideas that might help you leverage your FB to generate some new customers for your business, is it ok if I email them over to you in a PDF?” O

5. Connect them to resources.

You can also add value by connecting them to resources. For example, you might want to send them a link to an article or a book that relates to a conversation you’ve recently had with them. I had a prospect recently who told me one of their main challenges is creating their brand story. To follow up with our initial discovery meeting (the first step in our sales process), I immediately sent them a copy of the book, The Fortune Cookie Principle: The 20 Keys to a Great Brand Story and Why Your Business Needs One by Bernadette Jiwa.  Do you think this stood out from other consultants or agency owners who are attempting to earn their business? Of course, and you can do the same.

6. Help people they care about, who are important to them.

Both Harvey Mackay and Joe Sweeney taught me several years ago this important lesson. They are both masters at gift giving, but they go one further by helping people you care most about. Learn from this and help people in your prospects or client’s inner circle, including friends, family members or their employees/team members and you’ll naturally be more connected to them.

7. Thank them, privately and publically.

William James, a founder of psychology, taught us that the greatest human need is the need to be appreciated. Saying “Thank you” or “Thanks” will go a long way, particularly when it’s done sincerely, privately or publically where other’s can see your appreciation. You can thank people on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social sites, or you can even highlight them on your blog. It’s very gratifying when someone else acknowledges your work and genuinely appreciates something you’d done. If you can publically show this appreciation, possibly earning them more fans and followers it’s even better received as added value.

To learn more about how to earn your clients trust and business, and grow your consultancy or agency to seven figures and beyond, check out my new course; Local Consulting Academy.

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