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Written by on March 17, 2020

It’s finally here, Russell Brunson’s long-awaited new book Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Funnels With Your Dream Customers. Here’s my Traffic Secrets Book Review.

It’s the question most business owners and entrepreneurs ask the most, “How do I get more traffic to my website?” or, “How Do I get more traffic to my business.”

It’s arguably the most important online marketing skill you can learn.

Fortunately, this skill (and the strategies that make it work) are all found in Russell Brunson’s new book.Click here to get it for free plus shipping – it’s worth it.

By now, you probably know who Russell Brunson is or you are familiar with his company Clickfunnels. You may also own his first two books, DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets. And if you don’t yet, you should. I think they are two of the most important (and readable) marketing books that should be in every entrepreneur’s library. If you pick up a copy of his new book, he will give you an option to buy all three plus a bonus book he’s kept secret, in an amazing new box set.

My Traffic Secrets Book Review

I had received an advanced copy of Traffic Secrets to read and review. I was pleasantly surprised by how he organized the book and how many tactics and strategies are packed inside this book which is over 300 pages.

He organized the book into three sections titled, 1) Your Dream Customer, 2) Fill Your Funnel, and 3) Growth Hacking.

While he’s talked about figuring out “your dream customer” and “the dream 100” in his other books, he really does a deep dive into this part of his book so you can really understand your customers and how to capture their attention.

His section titled “Fill Your Funnel” makes up the greater majority of the book, and it’s gold. He helps you understand the difference between traffic that you earn, traffic that you control and traffic that you own and then he walks. you through the traffic strategies for all three. You’ll gain the clarity you need to create your own organic and paid traffic plan for your business and/or for your clients.

In the same section, he then gets specific sharing strategies for how to use Instagram, Facebook, Google, and YouTube to drive traffic to your funnels and website. Each one of these traffic sources gets its own dedicated chapter in his book.

He finished out the section with a chapter called “Conversation Domination.” I won’t spoil it, but he shares his process for achieving this with an easy to follow and implement “conversation domination” process that I’m confident gives me a new distinct advantage over competitors.

He finishes the book with a small yet potent section on Growth Hacking where he gives you creative insight into how to leverage some traffic hacks that you probably haven’t thought of for your business.

While I can confidently say I believe Traffic Secrets will be the go-to traffic strategies resource for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes for years to come, I invite you to get your own copy and be the ultimate judge of that.

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