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Written by on November 16, 2020

If I were to count on one hand the business and marketing legends who have made the most impact on me, Dan Kennedy would be near the top of this list.

Quite frankly, Dan Kennedy would be at the top of most lists of the top marketers that you know and follow. He is, in the truest sense of the word, a legend.

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I’m not sure I own more books by one author, as I have 17 of his game-changing business books in my library. 15 of them are signed. In fact, here’s a picture.

His latest book, Renegade Millionaire: 7 Secrets to Extreme Wealth, Autonomy, and Entrepreneurial Success is one of his smallest, and also one of his best – particularly when it comes to his overarching principles of success drivers for the “Renegade Millionaire” entrepreneur. (Note: If you haven’t read any of his books before, start also with the more tactical The Ultimate Marketing Plan and The Ultimate Sales Letter, as the 3 together will be the new handbooks in your business).

Renegade Millionaire is a short, punchy, easy read. But you won’t just read it, you’ll study it. Chapter by chapter, principle by principle you’ll stop in your tracks to rethink your business, your marketing, and even your life. You’ll take notes, and if you act on the ideas and implement, you’re business and results will change forever.

His book is actually broken into two parts; the first part is about the Money Pyramid and what it means to be a “Renegade Millionaire.” Being a “Renegade Millionaire” is an invaluable mindset and principle to understand. Then he has a section covering the “7 Secrets to Extreme Wealth Autonomy and Entrepreneurial Success,” which is the real meat of the book.

“When was the last time you thought of yourself as someone who throws a typical unconventional to the wayside and not only pushes the envelope but practically shredded the darn thing, to live and experience a life where if you are willing to go?”

Dan Kennedy

Dan shares his infamous Money Pyramid in part 1 of the book, revealing why “the majority is always wrong” and why you do not wanna behave like “the 95 percenters.” He methodically walks you through what it means to behave differently that’s what a Renegade Millionaire is all about. One of the key reminders in this lesson is to be careful who you take advice from or listen to.

One of my favorite chapters is on how to make Maximum Money. In addition to how to get your pricing and fees straightened out, he shares the power of leverage and talks about his concept of “Current Bank” versus Future Bank. Simply put, Current Bank is the money you make today, Future Bank of the money you count on making based on strategic decisions and actions. Ask yourself, which bank do you focus on most, and is it helping or hindering you?

Then he shares what he calls “An uncomfortable reason why some make more money than others,” which is rooted in his insight on perception. Who are you perceived to be? Dan emphasizes, “It’s who you are perceived to be by the people you do business with not what you do.” This was a powerful lesson.

Dan also shares his concept around time vs. money. He says, “The value you put on time determines your income. Go ahead steal my money. I can replace the money. Steal my time? But of course, you know this means war….because I can’t replace the time.”

This section in the book is a wake-up call for entrepreneurs. He shares how “Most people have no protections in place whatsoever to safeguard the time.” It’s true. We’re so quick to answer our phones or we’re quick to return voicemails or texts. We are quick to respond to emails throughout the day, and we think we have to check social media constantly in order to stay on top of everything. We succumb to distractions and interruptions all day long, rather than owning our time and using it more wisely.

Dan points out, “Renegade millionaires have come to grips with just how easy money is to replace, but how hard time is to replace.”

In chapter 8, titled Secret #6 – Create a Competition Free-Zone, he Sheds light on how to look at competition entirely new way. He totally changes your mindset around your competition in this chapter. You’ll never think about competition the same way again. He also gives you very actionable ways to create your own Competition Free-Zone, and this chapter alone is worth the price of the book.

Here’s the bottom line, get the book and start implementing the ideas immediately into your business. You’ll truly have (as the book subtitle suggests) more wealth, more autonomy, and more entrepreneurial success because of it.

Again, I recommend watching Dan Kennedy’s LIVE replay of his Renegade Millionaire training. This is a rare opportunity, that you can take advantage of, to learn from a living marketing legend along with some incredible guests that he will surprise you with. Again this isn’t some one hour webinar, this is a full-blown training Renegade Millionaire training that will bring the book to life for you to take action on and see an immediate impact on your business.

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