The Greatest Risk Restaurant Owners Take

Written by on October 15, 2016

The greatest risk Restaurant Owners take is opening their restaurant without a written, executable, marketing plan.

I’ve learned most restaurant owners spend more time planning out a vacation than they ever do to plan out how they’ll get more customers in the door.

I call it “hope marketing.”

You hope your advertising in that magazine or on the local radio pulls in customers, you hope that your “social media person” really knows what they are doing (most don’t unfortunately), you hope that word of mouth spreads because of good reviews….you hope.

What does hope marketing cost restaurant owners? It can cost you the restaurant. It can cost you the investment you made. It can cost you community reputation. It can cost you relationships. It’s not worth it. Think through your marketing or get some help. 

What's riskier than opening a restaurant- Opening one with -hope marketing.- You have to have a written, executable plan to attract customers.

If you need restaurant marketing ideas – not an ebook you won’t read or a worthless list of ideas that don’t actually work – contact me and we’ll talk it through. I will help you.

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