Why Social Media Agency Owners Should Never Sell Packages or Bundled Services

Written by on October 20, 2017

Back in 2010 when I started my first social media marketing agency, we sold social media packages.

We had three packages, from small to big, priced at different levels depending on how many services were included IN the package (i.e. Facebook management, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, blogging, SEO, etc.).

We learned, not so quickly, this was a big mistake.

It wasn’t good for the client and it wasn’t good for our business. Good meaning profitable.

We were selling a “Buffet of Services,” selling business owners into a “package” that we had decided ahead of time was worth “X” amount of dollars. Then we would try and upsell them later into the “bigger” packages – which never, ever, actually worked at all.


We were guilty of trying to be everything to everybody.

But this wasn’t the main challenge we faced.

We realized a few things that would change everything for us, and our clients.

Most consultants or agency owners bundle their products and services because they basically are insecure about their worth and want to provide as much stuff as they can to justify fees. I didn’t want to admit it then, but it was true.

We were always trying to justify our fees by explaining how much value they got in these packages. Sound familiar?

We were essentially prescribing solutions before ever meeting with the business owner. After all, we had the prescriptions all written out for them, in “packages” priced at different levels that we had decided on ahead of time.

This sends the business owner the message that “we don’t care to diagnose your problems or needs first,” we were just eager to sell them a package “we” felt was right for them.

It broke the fundamentals of successful selling that I had learned and followed all the years prior. Fundamentals that made me a lot of money. Fundamentals such as asking the right questions to discover their wants and needs and then sell a solution that best fills their need to get them their desired result.

Imagine going to the doctor and before you even get the chance to explain your symptoms, problems, or what you wanted, the doctor just handed you a prescription once they sized you up with a first impression. What if they skipped the diagnosis altogether? Would you feel they cared or were customizing a solution just for you?

This was a lightbulb moment for our agency.

We uncovered three CRITICAL secrets that once applied to our business we tripled our agency sales and profits, and our clients were a lot happier.

More importantly, we kept our clients much longer because we only sold them what mattered to help them get the biggest return on their investment in our services.

It changed the game completely for us.

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